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A land of promise for Beijing Institute of Technology: Yu Fei

2018-10-30 15:08ijjnews.comEditor:pangmengxia, October 30 -- In the second visit to Jinjiang, the football team of Beijing Institute of Technology has changed their identity. No longer representing their university, they came to compete in the KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup on behalf of China. At present, the team has arrived in Jinjiang.

According to Yu Fei, coach of the team, the team is fully prepared for the competition, since Jinjiang is a land of promise for Beijing Institute of Technology, he believes the team will get good results.

After winning the champion of the China Qualification of KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup in Jinjiang, the team returned Beijing and had a break of 10 days before training.

"First, we preserved our physical strength for about two weeks, and then made some practice in skills." According to Yu Fei, during that period, the team and other colleges and universities had several friendly matches, seeking to improve their skills and get prepared for the AUSF Football Cup.

16 men's football teams from Asia will compete in the KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup. The team of Beijing Institute of Technology is in group D, together with those of Bangkok Thonburi University (Thailand), American University in the Emirates (UAE), and Poldeva University (India). The first match of the team is to compete with Poldeva University from India in Jinjiang Sports Center at 20:30 on October 31.

"After the grouping, I made some inquiries about the three rivals in the group. I failed to get any information about the Indian university, and could not know their strength; the university of UAE is a private one located in Dubai, with strong performance in sports; Bangkok Thonburi University is among the top in Thai universities in terms of sports, and it has a sports college," said Yu Fei.

For the matches, Yu Fei believes that all players have pressure. But he believes that they can turn pressure into driving power. He asks them to perform as what they do at ordinary times and enjoy the matches.

As for the goal, Yu Fei hopes to show the spirit and football skills of Chinese college students to the world. As for the matches, he hopes the players to go all out to get advanced to the next round, then pursue better results.

"Jinjiang is a land of promise for our team. It is the second time that we have come here, and we find the city very amicable." This time, Yu Fei hopes them have good luck based on the championship they won last time.

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