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[Men's group match] Results of round 1 of group B: NUS 0:4 KFU

2018-10-31 10:51ijjnews.comEditor:mahuanyu

Ahmed AL Juwayd, the No. 6 player of the King Faisal University ("KFU") of Saudi Arabia is leading off an attack after taking the ball from the back. (Photo/Yang Yingcong)

On the morning of October 31, the men's group matches of the KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup continued in Jinjiang of Fujian. The National University of Singapore ("NUS") played against the King Faisal University ("KFU") from Saudi Arabia on the football field of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University. Finally, NUS was defeated by KFU with a score of 0:4.

In this match, NUS wore blue jerseys while KFU were in green ones.

After the kick-off whistle, KFU took the lead in planning an attack while their opponents had not found their rhythm. In the 8th minute, KFU's No.16 player Mahmoud Albohassan shot in front of the goal area, and the ball went into the net after hitting the upright in the left, changing the score to 1:0.

In a period following the score, KFU dominated the match with their attacks. In the 33rd minute, in the fierce competition in the penalty box of NUS, KFU's No.10 player Hassan Almohammedsaleh received his teammate's pass, and made a shot after escaping the keeper and defenders of NUS, changing the score to 2:0.

The confidence of KFU was totally inspired by these two goals. They continued to attack the goal of NUS. In the 41st minute, the No.3 player of KFU Fahad Alessa scored a goal with a powerful shot from the left of the box.

The first half ended at 3:0, as both sides failed to change the score again.

In the second half, NUS strengthened their attack. However, as the strength gap between these two teams is relatively evident, KFU still dominated the game.

In the 70th minute, KFU's No.16 player Mahmoud Albohassan scored another goal. He dribbled past the defenders and goalkeeper of NUS inside the box and changed the score to 4:0.

NUS gradually found the state in the last 20 minutes, and got many opportunities to shoot, but failed to score.

Finally, NUS was defeated by KFU by 0:4.

"Our players delivered a very good performance today, and they did very well. They had made a lot of preparations before this match, so this is why we could win this match. Today it seems that our opponents were not well prepared, but some of their players were also very outstanding on the pitch." said delegation leader of the Saudi Universities Sports Federation Ahmed Al Sentali, "We will continue to improve our competitiveness and performance in the next matches."

Ahmed Al Sentali also said that he wanted to thank Jinjiang from the bottom of his heart for holding the KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup, "this tournament is well organized, the conditions of the pitch are also very good, and the people we meet here are also very friendly and hospitable. Everything is very good here.

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