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[Exclusive Interview] BIT Twin players: enjoying matches in Jinjiang

2018-11-10 10:46ijjnews.comEditor:mahuanyu

The KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup has been a highlight for days in Jinjiang. On the afternoon of November 10, the men's team of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) competed with their counterparts from Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the title of runner-up. Among players of the BIT team, the 19-year-old twins, namely, the No.4 player Guo Mengyuan and the No.5 player Guo Mengjie showed tacit cooperation and helped the team score many times, and their strength won them the love of Jinjiang fans. In the previous quarterfinal for men's teams, when a player of Universiti Teknologi MARA, their rival, was shooting a goal, a press photographer captured the very moment when the brothers showed the same gestures synchronously. The picture once became a hot topic among fans.

Brothers as well as the best teammates

In January 1999, Guo Mengyuan and Guo Mengjie were born in an ordinary two-earner family in Shijiazhuang, provincial city of north China's Hebei Province. A time gap of about one minute made Mengyuan the elder brother while Mengjie the younger one. Despite the similar appearance, they have different characters: Mengyuan shows calm personality while Mengjie is lively.

They fell in love with football by virtue of their family atmosphere. Since young, they have watched how their father, a die-hard football fan, cheered for football matches. That was how the seed of football was sown into their hearts.

The twins are born playmates: in their little yard, they can play football for a whole afternoon.

Besides being born playmates, the twins showed perfect cooperation when playing football, for which other teammates cannot enjoy. That was how they grew up with football as a hobby.

When they were 13 years old, they went to SP Being Yicheng BTV Sangao to receive football training. In the totally strange place, they became the best friend of each other. Each weekend, they practiced on the football field. Besides improving football skills with tacit cooperation, they worked out almost every day in the fitness room. These hard efforts produced the shining football twins on the football pitch.

Turning down offers from the Chinese Football Association Super League and Peking University

Putting equal emphasis to study and football

In 2016, the twins, who had just graduated from high school, had a chance to become professional players to fight in the Chinese Football Association Super League. The club's offer was generous: paying each of them an annual salary of 600,000 yuan without asking them to participate in any game. As long as they play in the league, the salary will increase to 1 million yuan, regardless of the length of time to play.

"We were both selected. Such opportunity seldom knocks twice. Honestly, it's appealing to us," said Guo Mengyuan. "We cannot resist the temptation of this appealing offer," Guo Mengjie added.

But accepting the offer means giving up university. Study and football, how should they make the choice? The brothers said that the whole family discussed on the issue at that time. Their parents thought that they were still young, and should put equal emphasis on football and study.

Soon afterwards, another surprise came: the offer of Peking University. Again, they refused the offer of Peking University, the coveted university for almost all candidates for the College Entrance Examination.

Why? Their answer: choosing the Chinese Football Association Super League means giving up study, but choosing Peking University means they can only play football as amateurs. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, they finally chose Beijing Institute of Technology, which is more professional in football. Thanks to the choice, the audience can see them kicking football in Jinjiang's football fields this autumn.

Enjoying the matches in Jinjiang and aiming for the runner-up

"Jinjiang provides excellent pitches, which are as good as those provided for professional leagues. A good pitch is especially important to footballers. Meanwhile, spectators here are also great, we enjoyed playing football in Jinjiang very much." Talking about the AUSF Football Cup, they said that as a host team, they felt a sense of responsibility and honor, and besides, competing with foreign teams will help in later competitions.

It is worth mentioning that they are also good at traditional Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. In the cultural exchange activities, their works of traditional Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy drew a large audience. It is learned that they also love playing guitar.

They both are center backfielders. Thanks to their excellent performance, the team controlled their rear. In the previous competitions, BIT got off to a good start, and advanced to the semi-finals with a full victory. Though BIT was beaten by Bangkok Thonburi University by one goal in the semi-final, the brothers said that they would go all out on the afternoon of November 10 to trump the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the runner-up. Football fans can go to the scene to cheer for BIT and the twin players.

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