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Nine-time CUFL winner BIT: Fight hard all the way to the championship

2018-08-17 14:59ijjnews.comEditor:mahuanyu, August 17 — As a football match for college students nationwide, the 2018 AUSF Football Cup China Qualifying Tournament has received many college football teams' applications upon release. The football team of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is one of them. In order to take part in the tournament, they departed Beijing at 6:30 yesterday morning and flew to Jinjiang, which fully proves how they value this match.

According to relevant reports, BIT was founded in 1940 and has its origins in the Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences, the first science and engineering university founded by Chinese Communist Party. Rooted in this traditional campus culture, BIT's football team has adhered to the concept of "Let sports return to education" since its foundation in 2000 and gradually become a leader in campus football through unremitting efforts of generation upon generation of players. Over the past 15 years, it has won the championship of China University Football League (CUFL) for nine times, and gold medal (football) in National Student Sports Games for three times; it has participated in men's football matches of World University Games on behalf of China for five times and achieved the 7th place for two times; what's more, the team has impressed the world by turning the table to beat Brazil with four surprising goals.

In order to break new ground, BIT entered Chinese Football Association Super League in 2006. In the League Two of the same year, BIT, as a new comer, beat all rivals to claim the champion and got its qualification. From 2007 to 2015, BIT fought in League A Matches for nine consecutive years. Although not very strong overall, they are tough and full of fight and can always turn the table, showing to the world the distinctive characteristics and style of BIT's football team.

When asked about the 2018 AUSF Football Cup China Qualifying Tournament, head coach Yu Fei told the reporter, "This is AUSF Football Cup's first qualifying tournament, so all of us, from the leadership to the coaches and the players value it very much and are also very excited, hoping our players can demonstrate to the world the strength of our football team in the qualifying tournament." Yu said that he hopes this tournament can improve both the personal ability and the overall technical and tactical level of his team. Meanwhile, he also hopes that BIT's team can fight hard all the way to the championship.