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DHU: Win another honor for our Chinese women's football

2018-08-17 16:12ijjnews.comEditor:mahuanyu, August 17 -- Four Chinese women's football teams will participate in the 2018 AUSF Football Cup China Qualifying Tournament and each of them has their own strength. Among others, Donghua University (DHU) has a broad mass base of football, and is a "Traditional Football University in Shanghai". That should be attributed to the strenuous efforts of the teachers and students in Donghua University over the half century.

According to relevant reports, DHU's football team was established in 1957 and has a history of sixty years. In addition, it was identified as one of the key university football teams in Shanghai and DHU was selected into the pilot universities approved by the Ministry of Education to train high-level football players. Currently, the university has two grades of football teams: campus team and super team, and three men's and women's teams.

Compared with the men's football team, DHU's women's football team has not been in existence for a very long time, but has achieved quite remarkable results. In 2016, the team was established. In the same year, it won the championship of the Shanghai University Games (Group for University Students) and the Shanghai University Students' Football League (Group B for Women). In 2017, in addition to winning two Shanghai municipal championships, the team was also selected as one of China's representative football teams for the 29th Universiade. In 2018, it won the championship of Shanghai University Football League (C League for Women) and the final of the National Junior Campus Football League (College Group B for Women) again.

"We hope that we can qualify for the 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup and win more honors for university women's football of China." Qian Jin, head of DHU's women's football team, said frankly that having taken part in many high-level matches, DHU's women's football team has attracted a lot of public attention. At a critical point, they can always score; in the face of strong opponents, they can always keep calm. Even when the team was understaffed due to injury, the rest can unit as one and fight as hard as they can, making happen a shoot-out and winning the championship at last. In this way, they have changed the pattern of university women's football in China again and again.

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