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BNU women team becomes China's only qualifier, all three men's teams knocked out

2019-11-28 14:02ijjnewsEditor:ruanqiao, November 27 -- The last-round group match of KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football drew to a close. Beijing Normal University (BNU, China) women team defeated the University of Lausanne (UNIL, Switzerland) 17-0. This big victory not only makes BNU qualify as the second place in Group A, but also makes it the one and only qualifier in five Chinese teams.

This competition was participated by 16 men's teams and 8 women's teams from five continents which were divided into 4 groups and 2 groups respectively. Among them, there were 3 men's teams and 2 women's teams from China, the host country.

China's only qualifier BNU will take on University of Ottawa (Canada) in the semi-final

After three rounds of fierce battle, five Chinese teams finished up all their group matches. BNU, with 2 wins, 1 loss and 6 points, became the only qualifier among five Chinese teams. In the first round match, BNU took on Paulista University (Brazil), but lost 0-3. Despite the defeat, BNU quickly paced itself in the following two matches, beating the University of Sydney (Australia) and UNIL 3-0 and 17-0 respectively. With the two victories, it came in at the second place in women's Group A, making it into the semi-final. According to schedule, it will compete with the University of Ottawa (Canada) which is the crown of Group B on November 28 to fight for the qualification for the final.

Another Chinese women's team Donghua University ranked 3rd in Group B with a tie and two losses, unqualified for the semi-final. They will enter the competition for the 5th or 6th place.

Ranking (Women)

Schedule (Women)

All three Chinese men's teams were knocked out and will take part in the 9/16 qualifying today

Chinese men's teams failed to win a single victory or a goal, knocked out after the group matches. Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), one of China's three teams, in men's Group B lost the first two rounds to Aut Uni Mexico ST (Mexico) and Bangkok Thonburi University (BTU, Thailand) both 0-1. In the third round against Kotebe Metropolitan University (Ethiopia), BIT performed quite well, but still failed to break a tie, drawing with the opponent 0-0.

It's worth mentioning that this has been the third game between BIT and BTU. In the KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup last year, BIT already encountered BTU in group matches and defeated it 2-1. This victory made BIT enjoy a three-match winning streak and qualify as the top of group matches. But in the following semi-final, BIT lost to BTU 1-2 and missed the final.

The other two Chinese teams Taiyuan University of Technology in Group A and Hohai University in Group D both lost all three group matches. Therefore, the three Chinese men's teams will take part in the 9/16 qualifying. Notably, one match will take place between two Chinese teams, Taiyuan University of Technology and Hohai University.

Ranking (Men)

Schedule (Men)

Here is the schedule for today's quarter-final and 9/16 qualifying of men's group

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