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Another penalty shoot-out: Myongji University completes the “revenge”

2019-11-29 23:49ijjnewsEditor:ruanqiao, November 28 -- The winner of another quarter-final was decided by the penalty shoot-out on November 27. The two sides in this match were the teams which participated in KELME 2018 AUSF Asia Football Cup, namely the Thailand’s Bangkok Thonburi University and Korea’s Myongji University. In the regular 90 minutes, both sides failed to score goals. In the final penalty shoot-out, Myongji University scored goals in five rounds and finally finished its “revenge”with 5: 3, thus eliminating its opponents and advanced to the semi-final.

In the men’s final of KELME 2018 AUSF Football Cup, the Bangkok Thonburi University defeated the Myongji University on the penalty shoot-out to win the final championship.

Last night, the “old rivals” met again. During the match, the two sides launched fierce attacks against each other and created many scoring opportunities. But neither of them succeeded in scoring a goal.

At the last minute of the match, the referee gave a red card to the handball of Myongji University's No.4 player in defending the quick offense launched by the Bangkok Thonburi University. However, the team from Bangkok Thonburi University also failed to seize this excellent opportunity to rewrite the record. The 90-minute match ended with 0: 0.

In the final penalty shoot-out, with a more composed state, the Myongji University team scored all five rounds while the Bangkok Thonburi University team lost two goals. At last, the Myongji University team finished avenge with a score of 5: 3 and advanced to the semi-final.

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