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Beijing Normal University defeated in semi-final

2019-11-29 11:16ijjnewsEditor:ruanqiao, Nov. 29 -- On the night of November 28, in the women's semi-final of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football, the women's team of Beijing Normal University (China) fought fiercely with the team of University of Ottawa (Canada) in Jinjiang Football Park and ended with a draw in 90 minutes of regular season. In the end, the team of Beijing Normal University was beaten in penalty shootout with a result of 3-5. All players of Beijing Normal University felt sorry for the defeat. Team leader Dai Xinxin said that she planned to experience the well-arranged cultural exchange programs in Jinjiang and have a tour around the beautiful city.

"All players performed well, except for the result." Lang Jian, coach of Beijing Normal University, said at the press conference after the match that they studied the rival's tactics beforehand and made targeted adjustments in formation and tactics, and players also carried out the coach's arrangement seriously. "During the whole match we had some advantages and had more possession of the ball, especially in the first half, when several threatening offenses were made."

Though the team got defeated in the semi-final, Lang Jian was satisfied with the players' performance, "It is a pity that we failed to win the match. On several occasions, we almost hit the goal. But all girls played their best and showed a strong spirit. I am satisfied with the performance of everyone."

Dai Xinxin said regretfully, "It is a pity that we failed to end the match early, and the whole team showed great performance. During the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football, we have both pity and achievements, and we enjoy the matches and get improved in the competition with foreign rivals."

It is their third visit to Jinjiang for matches, and Dai Xinxin spoke highly of the event organization of Jinjiang, "We should express thanks to Jinjiang for organizing an event of such a high standard. Their thoughtful arrangements make us feel at home. We are also impressed by the enthusiastic fans and considerate volunteers." In the evening of November 28, nearly 2,000 fans went to the scene to support for the team of Beijing Normal University, with sound of cheers echoing in the whole field. Despite the defeat, fans still rewarded the women players with warm applause and encouragement. Moved by those fans, they expressed thanks to them collectively.

"Jinjiang has also arranged colorful cultural exchanges and experience activities. During last year's matches, I learned paper-cutting, facial makeup hand-painting, tea art, sand painting, and ceramic art, all interesting. These days we are busying preparing the matches, after that I will experience those activities." Except those activities, Dai Xinxin also planned to have a tour around Jinjiang after the matches, "I have read some travel strategies and scenic spot introduction online, and I plan to have a tour around the city, taste local food and feel the customs and landscape Jinjiang has to offer."

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