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Paulista University, University of Ottawa to fight for the championship Asian teams BNU and CAS to compete in the third place

2019-11-29 11:16ijjnewsEditor:ruanqiao

The women's semi-final of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football drew to a close. Paulista University (UNIP, Brazil) beat College of Asian Scholars (THA, Thailand) easily 3:0. University of Ottawa (UofO, Canada) had an even match with Beijing Normal University (BNU, China), and defeated it at last 5:3 in the penalty shoot-out. Next, UNESP and uOttawa will fight for the championship. So far, both teams are on a winning streak.

At 6:00 p.m., the match between UNESP who was the crown of Group A and CAS began. Aiming at the championship, the Brazilian team played an offensive game from the very start. THA fought back with an offensive line-up. Then the competition grew fiercer and fiercer, winning thunderous applause many times from the audience. UNIP, whose players were higher, made many long passes, but failed to score a goal. Like UNIP, THA also made no winning shot in the first half. This tie was broken in the second half. Within two minutes after the half started and in the 56th minute, UNIP made two scores.

Finding itself in a passive position,THA gradually lost the possession of the ball. At the same time, its players were also becoming more and more tired. In the 90th minute, Calderan made a header to chip the ball over the goalkeeper, closing out the match. In the end, UNIP defeated THA 3-0. That means the winner of 2018 AUSF Football Cup would miss the final.

Later, UofO and BNU started a very close match. At the very beginning, BNU adopted an offensive line-up, creating many dangerous scenarios in front of the gate. In the 28th minute of the first half, Xie Ting volleyed, but the ball hit the post and failed to goal. Then in the 41st minute, Zhang Xinyue made a shot, but the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. In the second half, uOttawa remained the offense for a time. Its players gained the ball many times and made many threatening shots. After BNU's Duan Xingyan entered the field through substitution, the team's offensive game play plan started to work. Unfortunately, she failed to score a single goal although she got two very good chances. In regular time, the two teams drew 0:0. Then the match entered the penalty shoot-out.

In this cruelest part, the shot by Zhang Xinyue, the second BNU player taking the penalty, was saved by the goalkeeper. UofO scored in all the first five rounds, defeating BNU 5:3.

At last, UofO and UNIP made it through to the final. Both teams were the crown of their respective groups and on a four-match winning streak. BNU and THA ever encountered in the semi-final of the 2018 AUSF Football Cup last year. At that time, BNU lost to THA and failed to qualify for the final. This year the two teams, both from Asia, will meet again in the third place playoff. Both the final and the third place playoff will be held on November 30.

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