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Ball kid: I feel very proud to enter the field hand in hand with star players as a ball kid

2019-11-30 11:43ijjnewsEditor:ruanqiao, Nov. 29 -- On the night of November 28, the women's semi-final of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football was held in Jinjiang Football Park. At last, the team of Beijing Normal University (China) lost to the team of University of Ottawa (Canada) 3-5 in the penalty shoot-out. "Come on, Beijing Normal University! Come on, China!" As players on the field were in a fierce competition in cold wind, the little ball kids in the stands were also very enthusiastic. After entering the field hand in hand with players, some of the ball kid stayed to cheer for the team of Beijing Normal University.

On the night, 26 ball kids entered the field hand in hand with players of the two teams. The moment cute kids appeared on the court, many spectators took out their mobile phones to capture them.

"I am very happy to have the opportunity to enter the field hand in hand with star players from Beijing Normal University. My classmates all envy me," said Lai Ziyi, a Grade-2 student from Longlin Central Primary School, with a glowing smile. She told the reporter that she loves football very much and often attends kids' football matches. "I'm a goalkeeper. Every time I save a shot, my friends cheer loud with excitement. That makes me feel very proud. I will continue to play football in the future. In addition, my parents are very supportive of my passion. For taking part in this Ball Kids Selection Campaign, my mother indeed gave me a great deal of encouragement."

Before the start of the match, cLi Yida, a Grade-3 student from Xixin Central Primary School, was talking with the players of University of Ottawa in English at the entrance. These players from Canada were impressed a lot by this adorable boy. Li Yida was very happy to have the opportunity to use what he has learned in English classes, "As a ball kid of this competition, I talked with foreigners for the first time. I introduced myself to them and also asked them a few questions. Using what I have learned in classroom really gives me a sense of achievement."

"This is the first time I have ever watched a match on site. It is very, very exciting. I usually watch the live broadcast on TV at home with my dad," Li Yida said, "Loud cheering of the audience creates a very feverish atmosphere on site. This is what you can't experience at home. It's really amazing."

Li Yida's father, Li Qiujin, told the reporter that he saw the article of Ball Kids Selection Campaign for the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football on the official WeChat account of Then he told Li Yida this news and he was very interested in it and asked to sign up. "It is very meaningful to have kids participate in this international competition held in our Jinjiang. Those little contests kids have to go through to be selected as a ball kid will be a very educational experience. If being selected, kids can enter the field hand in hand with star players, which can broaden their vision. Moreover, watching excellent football matches on site is also helpful to cultivate their interest in this sport."

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