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Women's final of KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football: University of Ottawa won with 1-0

2019-12-01 11:01ijjnewsEditor:mahuanyu

On the evening of November 30, the women's final of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football came to a conclusion. The winner, the University of Ottawa (Canada), defeated the Paulista University (Brazil) with a single goal in the opening two minutes.

Paulista University is the strongest team who won 4 games and scored 26 goals in the previous competition. And there is also no record of failures of the University of Ottawa, who won the qualification of finals after defeating the Beijing Normal University in the semi-final. The match between the two powerful teams attracted more than 5,500 fans to the Jinjiang Football Park.

Within only two minutes, Mikayla Morton, No. 10 player of the University of Ottawa, scored with a corner header from her teammates, contributing to a 1-0 lead with this fantastic start. The Paulista University fell behind adjusted the state in time to launch a fierce attack to the opponent's goal. In the 7th minute, with an excellent match in the front field, No. 8 of the Paulista University made a volley shot in the penalty area, but it was slightly higher than the crossbar. In the 35th minute, Paulista University got a free kick in the front court but the No. 10 player, Julia Bianchi, made a shoot slightly higher than the crossbar, too. One minute later, she made a perfect long-range shot outside the penalty area, but the ball hit the goal crossbar. At the end of the first half-time, the University of Ottawa led 1-0.

After the second half, the University of Ottawa strengthened their control of the midfield. In the 54th minute, the opposing goalkeeper failed to capture a header by Ottawa University’s No. 5 player and almost added the score. In the 72nd minute, Bianchi started a direct free-kick, but the ball hit the goal-frame again. In the whole game, players from the Paulista University scored 12 times in total, but failed to score a single goal. In the end, by 1-0 victory over the Paulista University, the University of Ottawa became the champion of the women's group of the FISU University World Cup-Football.

At the press conference after the game, the head coach of the University of Ottawa said: “This is a tough game because the Paulista University a very strong opponent. We defended for 88 minutes, and the victory is our joint efforts of the whole team.” The head coach of the Paulista University though highly of the overall performance of the team: “We performed well as a whole, but we became passive after losing one goal at the beginning. And we are sorry for the result. But I would like to express my thanks to Jinjiang for the well-prepared organization for this competition, which is impressive in all aspects.”

As for other awards, Trinity Esprit from the University of Ottawa won the Best Player Award, Mylena Pedroso from the Paulista University won the Best Shooter Award with 9 goals, Fernanda Delazere, also a member of the Paulista University, won the Best Goalkeeper Award, and the University of Ottawa won the Fair Play Award.

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