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Women's final between teams from Americas to come on Nov. 30

2019-11-30 16:04ijjnewsEditor:mahuanyu, Nov. 30 -- November 30 is the last match day of KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup for women's group. A critical battle will kick off between two teams qualifying for the final, that is, Paulista University from Brazil and University of Ottawa from Canada. Which team will become the winner remains to be seen.

The Paulista University is a Brazilian team with distinct features: each team member has her own outstanding abilities, with excellent control techniques and proficient playing skills.

Before the event, the coach team of Paulista University was full of confidence and once made heroic remarks that they participate in this event to become double winners in both men's and women's games. However, their men's team was surprisingly defeated by National Autonomous University of Mexico in the men's quarterfinal, while their women's team made itself all the way to the final.

Judging from the previous group games, Paulista University women's team can be described as an invincible team that won all the three group games with nearly 8 scores ahead of its rival in each game. Player No. 9 and No. 7 in the team both feature adept skills and rapid speed. In the semifinal held at the night before yesterday, Paulista University women's team gained a complete victory over another Asian hot contender College of Asian Scholars (Thailand) by 3:0. That night, Paulista University team raised its possession percentage to nearly 70 percent and repressed its rival most of the time, leaving the latter no chance to fight back.

Another final contestant University of Ottawa (Canada) team is also highly competent. University of Ottawa team ranks among the leading teams in Canada in terms of football level and has participated in many American continental and Canadian national football competitions with great performance delivered.

This team also won all the group games of this World Cup before entering the quarterfinal. The night before yesterday, the team defeated Beijing Normal University team, the former football champion of World University Games. From this game, it can be seen that players of the University of Ottawa team feature strong defense, high physical agility and stable mental endurance. At the end of the game, they still could maintain a high-intensive defense line, steadily controlled the tempo, made several threatening offenses, and scored the gates calmly in all 5 rounds of penalty kick. Their captain once made perfect crossovers and offenses in the past games with her prominent individual abilities.

both teams canceled their planned training as they felt a little tired after a series of fierce and high-intensity games. The day before the final, both teams chose to store up energy and take small amounts of training to achieve the best conditions for the final battle tonight.

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