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University of Wollongong defeats National Autonomous University of Mexico 2-0 to enter men's finals

2019-11-30 17:28ijjnewsEditor:mahuanyu, Nov. 30 -- The men’s semi-final of the KELME 2019 FISU University World Cup-Football between University of Wollongong (Australia) and National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), kicked off in Jinjiang Football Park on November 29. With more than 2,000 spectators, the University of Wollongong scored one goal in the first half and the second half respectively, beating the National Autonomous University of Mexico with 2-0, and won the qualification of the finals.

From the very beginning, each side showed a very high level of techniques and tactics with a quick attack and defense conversion and fierce physical confrontation. Mainly attacking the flank, the University of Wollongong frequently made threatening attacks at high speed and gradually took the initiative. In the 18th minute, with delicate passing, the University of Wollongong passed the ball into the penalty area. Marcus Beattie, No. 9, shot the ball but it was saved by the goalkeeper. The University of Wollongong, which mainly carried up the passing and controlling tactics, had a firm grasp of the rhythm and looked for opportunities patiently, while the National Autonomous University of Mexico, who had been suppressed, paid more attention to the back field, planning to secure the defense at first, and then to fight back.

Under the great pressure, players of the National Autonomous University of Mexico sometimes had to foul to stop opponents’ attacks. In the 44th minute, Cesar Octavio, the No. 10, was given a yellow card for a bad tackle. The University of Wollongong continued to attack and finally broke the deadlock in the 45th minute. The defender of the National Autonomous University of Mexico made a mistake in the clearance kick. After winning the ball in the front court, the University of Wollongong quickly handed the ball to Marcus Betty, who did not let his teammates down and made a long-range shot outside the penalty area. Later, Cesar Octavio was sent off as a second yellow card for violating the other striker in the allowance period.

As soon as the second half began, the University of Wollongong started a flash attack, that Marcus Betty got the ball from outside the penalty area and decisively made a long-range shot, changing the score to 2-0. Although the National Autonomous University of Mexico with one player less was passive, they were forced to launch attacks because they were two goals behind. However, their actions also led to threats to the rear defense line, which were repeatedly seized by the University of Wollongong and nearly lost the ball again. In the 81st minute, Jose Juan, No. 9 forward of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, got a good chance to change the situation, but unfortunately, the ball hit the crossbar. At the end of the game, although with fierce attacks, the National Autonomous University of Mexico failed to convert them into actual results. Finally, it lost 2-0 to the University of Wollongong.

In another semi-final of the day, University of the Republic (Uruguay) won 2-0 over the Myongi University (ROK). The championship competition between the University of the Republic and the University of Wollongong will start at 19:00 on December 1 in Jinjiang Football Park. And the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Myongi University will compete for the third place in this tournament at Jinjiang City Sports Center at 16:00 on December 1.

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